Tara McCarthy ræðir við dr. Greg Johnson útgefanda og ritstjóra Counter Currents um þjóðernisstefnu hvítra Bandaríkjamanna.

Dr. Greg Johnson er höfundur fjölda bóka. Meðal þeirra má nefna In Defense of Prejudice (2017), Confessions of a Reluctant Hater (2016), Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country (2015) og New Right vs. Old Right (2014). Í inngangi New Right vs. Old Right segir dr. Johnson m.a.:

,,I wish to define three basic concepts that appear again and again throughout the book: metapolitics, ethnonationalism, and White Nationalism

Metapolitics refers to the non-political preconditions of political change. These conditions fall into two broad categories: (1) education and (2) community organizing. Education refers to the creation and propagation of a worldview, an intellectual case for a new political order. Community organizing refers to the creation of an actual, real-world community that lives according to our worldview in the present day and serves as the vanguard and nucleus of a new political order to come.

Ethnonationalism is the idea that every distinct ethnic group should enjoy political sovereignty and an ethnically homogeneous homeland or homelands. The opposing view is multiculturalism, which holds that multiple ethnic groups should share the same homelands and governments. Unfortunately, ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity inevitably lead to friction, which can either wear away distinct identities or spark hatred, conflict, and violence.

Therefore, the best way to ensure peace and good will among peoples and preserve human racial, cultural, and religious diversity is to give each distinct group a homeland where it can live and develop according to its own distinct nature and destiny.

White Nationalism is a political philosophy philosophy that seeks to define national identity in racial rather than religious, cultural, or creedal terms … White Nationalism also makes sense in the context of competition from other races, which tend to see themselves and whites in simple racial terms. Even whites who do not see themselves merely as whites may be forced to do so as racial conflict increases, simply because their enemies will see and treat them as generically white.

This wider sense of European identity can actually work to preserve particular identities in two important ways. First, it can help to prevent conflict among European peoples. Second, it can help European peoples to unite in the face of non-white immigration, which is primarily organized under the banner of Islam.

The message of the North American New Right, if boiled down to a simple mantra, is this:

Whites are a distinct ethnic group with distinct interests. We live in a world in which there are real ethnic conflicts. It is right for whites to take our own side in these ethnic conflicts. Multicultural, multiracial societies make ethnic conflict and hatred inevitable. Ethnic conflict can best be ended by the creation of ethnically homogeneous homelands for all peoples.

Thus it is an existential imperative—a matter of life and death—for whites to create or preserve ethnically homogeneous homelands.“

Greg Johnson. 2014. New Right vs. Old Right. Counter-Currents Publishing: San Francisco.